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Lake View Restaurants in Udaipur

02 Aug 2016 10:03:58 AM

Any suggestions on where to find the best food when I’m visiting Udaipur next month with the missus Budget isn’t really an issue just looking for the best I can get in town.

The internet however was another issue. The two major companies wanted to sell us expensive plans but could not tell us what we would get for the money. Most of the people in even the big shops in Delhi no longer speak English and cannot explain anything other than the basics that they have learnt by heart. We purchased an expensive dongle but found that in most places it would not operate as Reliance did not have the requisite towers in the area. So it was money wasted. It worked just fine when we got back to Delhi.

Hotel Vishnupriya offers rooftop dining at its multi-cuisine restaurant The Village. Other dining hall options include the specialty restaurant Peacock and the 24-hr coffee shop, Teej, named after Rajasthan’s popular festival. Sarovar, the poolside garden is available for holding parties or functions. The hotel also has a board room and conference hall for the convenience of business executives.

Sajjangarh Palace (Monsoon Palace) - Sajjangarh, also known as Monsoon Palace located at a peak Bansdara Mountain as high as about 944 m above the sea level, is a gigantic palace overlooking the famous Pichola Lake. The palace is located at scenic spot, views of Aravalli Mountains and Pichola Lake from the Palace is really enchanting. This palace continues as a popular tourist’s destination due to its historical importance and marvelous architecture.

Being the prime tourist attraction in the city, it is almost always crowded regardless of the time of the day. However, even the crowds can’t take away from the magnificence of the building; it happens to be one of those places which is worth every bit of hype that it receives. With its huge pols (gateways), curved arches and ornate jharokas (elaborate windows), City Palace is one of the most striking examples of Rajput architecture. Take your camera!

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