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Restaurants in Jodhpur

02 Jan 2017 07:56:12 AM

Jodhpur is an Indian city with an abundance of water. Some of the outstanding features of the city known as the Blue City are its royal palace and the magnificent fort. The city also boasts of many awesome restaurants. Some of the best restaurants in Jodhpur are listed below:

  1. 1.     Shandar Sweet Home

This simple restaurant in Jodhpur boasts of some humble dishes that are tasty and delicious. The main ingredient of their dishes is ghee. Shandar Sweet Home is located close to Mahatma Gandhi Hospital along Jalori Bari Road has some delicious meals such as Gatta curry, GulabJamun Ki Sabji, Lahsun Dal, and DahiVada.

  1. 2.    Gypsy

This is one of the best restaurants in Jodhpur. Gypsy is a restaurant that enjoys the patronage of both the locals and tourists too. The trademark of this restaurant is the Rajasthani thali, a food that comprises of 29 dishes that will give you royal feeling. Gypsy is noted for its Balushahi and Dal BatiChurma. You can find this restaurant on 689, 9th C Road in Sardarpura.

  1. 3.    Ravla

This restaurant in Jodhpur finds its way into the list of the best veg restaurants in Jodhpur. The food at Ravla is incomparable with somewhere else at affordable prices. At Ravla, you will get a good view of the city’s Mehrangarh Fort. You will be treated to the popular Rahasthani food and some Indian curries from the northern part of the country.

  1. 4.    The Chaiwala

The Chaiwala is one of the Best Chinese restaurants in Jodhpur. This restaurant offers some exotic foods such as Oreo-frappe, Choco-walnut pot cake, and Penne pasta. Other foods on their menu are Grilled chicken burger, Vanilla pot cake, Dementer’s kiss, and much more. This restaurant in Jodhpur is a place you must visit if you want a memorable experience in a serene location.

  1. 5.    Shree Rem Excellency

If you want a restaurant in Jodhpur that can give you the most delicious food, Shree Ream Excellency is your choice. The restaurant offers a variety of foods including the popular Rajasthani thali. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant in Jodhpur that will satisfy your appetite without a doubt with its excellent food and high-quality service.

  1. 6.    Kalinga Restaurant

Kalingrestaurant is among the many restaurants in Jodhpur that cater to the needs of both vegan and non-vegan locals and tourists. It is a reputable restaurant with Continental dishes, Indian dishes, and Chinese dishes. The environment and the great staff of this restaurant in Jodhpur will leave an indelible experience that will make you eager to pay another visit as soon as possible.

  1. 7.    Indique

This is a candle-lit restaurant in Jodhpur where you can view the Mehgrangarh Fort directly because of its elevated location.  The restaurant also has Continental, Indian, and Chinese dishes on its menu. However, don’t forget to have a taste of its thalis and Kebabs. These two are always recommended by the locals and for a very good reason, you can resist the taste of these delicacies.


These are just a handful of the many restaurants in Jodhpur that you may consider visiting when you are in India.

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Restaurants in Bangalore

02 Jan 2017 07:41:53 AM

Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka state. The town is the hub of the tech-industry of India. Bangalore has some wonderful restaurants to satisfy the hunger of tech wizards and others in the city. Some highly rated restaurants in Bangalore are discussed below:

  1. 1.    C Sweet

This is the first restaurant in Bangalore to be listed on the list of the best restaurants in Bangalore. Like all other top restaurants in Bangalore, C Sweet has many exotic and local dishes on its menu to attend to the needs of both the local customers as well as foreigners on vacation in the city.

The restaurant is available for those who can visit it at 85, Jaya Chamarajendra Road D T Street, Bangalore, Karnataka, India to have a taste of their delicious delicacies. If you wish, you can contact the restaurant by calling S.A. Wajid on +91-9880629665.

  1. 2.     Bhagini restaurant

Among the best restaurant in Bangalore is Bhagini restaurant. It is one of the best family restaurants in Bangalore and has the capability to host and satisfy your entire family if you are on vacation in Bangalore. Whatever they type of food you need, either local or continental, rest assured that Bhagini restaurant will provide it at a reasonable price.

Mr. Nagappa is always available to receive your call on +91-80-28540327 or +91-9980157048. If you are near the restaurant, you may consider visiting it with your family at No. 11, Near Tyco Electronics, Whitefield ITPL Road, Hoodi Village, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

  1. 3.     Mayuri and Hra Style Restaurant

There are many good restaurants in Bangalore and Mayuri and Hra Style Restaurant has all the qualities to be given a place among them. It combines good style with delicious meals, the exact qualities that people want in a restaurant. You can get value for your money with their foods and excellent staff.

If you are close by, you can visit this credible best restaurant in Bangalore at 47D, Jaya Chamarajendra Road Minerva Circle, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. A call to the restaurant on+ (91)-80-26708073 or + (91)-9341265592may also be needed to book a space in advance.



  1. 4.    Indigo

This is a multi-cuisine restaurant in Bangalore. The family restaurant is well suited for dining and pleasure as it gives its numerous customers a wide range of international and local menu options to choose from. Whether you are single or with a family, you can count on Indigo to meet your dietary needs in one of the best restaurants in Bangalore.

To take full advantage of this restaurant, you can visit them at any time of the day to have a taste of India delicacies that are available in many top Indianrestaurants in Bangalore.



  1. 5.     Sunny Spice Fast Food

Sunny Spice Fast Fooda top restaurant in Bangalore with a difference. The restaurant is purposely established to attend to vegans. It is one of the veg restaurants on the list of the best veg restaurants in Belgore. A vegetarian who wants to satisfy his or her hunger can visit them at 18, Bangalore GPO, Bangalore, Karnataka, India or call them on +91-9742515190 or +91-8095796500.

These are the best restaurants in Bangalore you can make use of.

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